[This ancestry was updated on 16 February 2004]

From Castle to Cabin:
The Royal Ancestry of Hannah Richardson (1743–1812),
wife of Sgt. Samuel Metcalf (1739–1785)

The royal ancestry of Hannah can be established by reference to

through Hannah’s great-great-grandmother Amy (Wyllys) Pynchon. The following descent from King Ealhmund of Kent (about 758–786) is only one of many royal descents to Hannah (e.g., another is from Charlemagne).

1. King Ealhmund of Kent. Born about 758. Died in 786, about 28 years old. Wife unknown. He had:

2. King Egbert of Wessex. Born about 775. Died on 4 Feb. 839, about 64 years old. Married Rædburh. Rædburh was b. about 788. They had:

3. King Æthelwulf of Wessex. Born about 810. Died on 13 Jan. 858, about 48 years old. Married Osburh, dau. of Thane Oslac. Osburh was b. about 810; d. after 876. They had:

4. King Alfred “the Great” of Wessex. Born in 849 in Wantage, Berkshire. Died on 28 Oct. 899, about 50 years old. Married Ealhswith/Alswitha of Mercia, dau. of Earl Æthelred of Mercia and Eadburh of Mercia. Ealhswith/Alswitha was b. about 852; d. in 904, about 52 years old. They had:

5. King Edward “the Elder” of England. Born in 875. Died on 17 July 924, about 49 years old. Married Eadgifu/Edgina, dau. of Earl Sigehelm of Kent. Eadgifu/Edgina d. on 25 Aug. 961. They had:

6. King Edmund I of England. Born in 920. Died on 26 May 946, about 26 years old. Married St. Ælfgifu. St. Ælfgifu d. in 944. They had:

7. King Edgar of England. Born in 943. Died in July 975, about 32 years old. Married Æthelfæd/Elfrida, dau. of Earl Ordgar. Æthelfæd/Elfrida was b. in 945; d. in 1000, about 55 years old. They had:

8. King Æthelræd II “Unræd” of England. Born in 968. Died on 23 April 1016, about 48 years old. Married Æflæd, dau. of Thored. They had:

9. King Edmund “Ironside” of England. Born in 989. Died on 30 Nov. 1016, about 27 years old. Married Algitha. They had:

10. Edward “the Atheling.” Born in 1016. Died in 1057, about 41 years old. Married Agatha of Hungary. They had:

11. St. Margaret of Scotland. Born in 1045. Died on 16 Nov. 1093, about 48 years old. Married King Malcolm Canmore III of the Scots, son of King Duncan mac Crinan I of the Scots (son of Thane Crinan/Albanach and Princess Beatrix/Bethoc of Scotland) and Sybil (dau. of Earl Siward of Northumbria). King Malcolm was b. in 1031 in Scotland; d. on 13 Nov. 1093 in Northumberland, about 62 years old. They had:

12. Princess Matilda of Scotland. Born in 1079 in Scotland. Died on 1 May 1118, about 39 years old. Married King Henry I “Beauclerc” of England , son of King William I “the Conqueror” of England (son of Duke Robert I of Normandy and Herleve) and Matilda of Flanders (dau. of Count Baldwin de Lille V of Flanders and Princess Adele/Adelaide of France). King Henry was b. in 1070 in Selby, Yorkshire; d. on 1 Dec. 1135 in Lyons-la-Forêt, about 65 years old. They had:

13. Lady Matilda/Maud of the English. Born in 1104 in London. Died on 10 Sep. 1167 in Rouen, about 63 years old. Married Count Geoffrey Plantagenet V of Anjou, son of Count Fulk V of Anjou (son of Count Fulk IV of Anjou and Beatrice/Bertrade) and Erembourg (dau. of Count Hélias of Maine). Count Geoffrey was b. on 24 Aug. 1113; d. on 7 Sep. 1151 in Maine, Le Mans, 38 years old. They had:

14. King Henry Plantagenet II of England. Born on 5 March 1133 in Maine, Le, Mans. Died on 6 July 1189 in Tours, 56 years old. Married Eleanor of Aquitaine, dau. of Count William VIII of Poitou (son of Count William VII of Poitou and Regent Philippa/Mathilde of Toulouse) and Eleanor de Chastellerault (dau. of Viscount Aimery de Chastellerault I and Dangerose). Eleanor of Aquitaine was b. in 1123; d. on 1 April 1204 in Fontevrault, Ames, about 81 years old. They had:

15. King John Plantagenet of England. Born on 24 Dec. 1167 in Oxford. Died on 18 Oct. 1216 in Newark, 48 years old. Married first Isabella of Angoulême, dau. of Count Aymer/Taillifer of Angoulême (son of Count William IV of Angoulême and Marguerite de Turenne) and Alice de Courtenay (dau. of Peter of France and Elizabeth de Courtenay). Isabella of Angoulême was b. about 1188; d. on 31 May 1246, about 58 years old. They had:

16. King Henry Plantagenet III of England. Born on 1 Oct. 1207 in Winchester. Died on 16 Nov. 1272 in Westminster, 65 years old. Married Eleanor of Provence, dau. of Count Raymond IV of Provence (son of Count Alfonso of Provence and Gersenda of Sabran) and Beatrix of Savoy (dau. of Count Thomas I of Savoy and Margaret of Geneva). Eleanor of Provence was b. in 1217; d. on 25 June 1291 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, about 74 years old. They had:

17. Edmund Plantagenet “Crouchback.” Born on 16 Jan. 1245 in London. Died on 5 June 1296 in Bayonne, 51 years old. Married Blanche of Artois, dau. of Count Robert of Artois (son of King Louis VIII of France “the Lion” and Blanche of Castile) and Matilda of Brabant (dau. of Duke Henry II of Brabant and Marie of Swabia). Blanche of Artois d. on 2 May 1302 in Paris. They had:

18. Earl Henry Plantagenet. Born about 1281. Died on 22 Sep. 1345, about 64 years old. Married Maud de Chaworth, dau. of Lord Patrick de Chaworth II (son of Lord Patrick de Chaworth I and Hawise) and Isabel de Beauchamp (dau. of Earl William de Beauchamp and Maud fitz John). Maud de Chaworth was b. about 1282; d. between 1317 and 1322. They had:

19. Eleanor Plantagenet of Lancaster. Died on 11 Jan. 1372. Married Earl Richard fitz Alan of Arundel, son of Earl Edmund fitz Alan (son of Earl Richard fitz Alan of Arundel and Alasia de Saluzzo) and Alice de Warenne (dau. of Earl William de Warenne and Joan de Vere). Earl Richard fitz Alan was b. in 1313; d. on 24 Jan. 1376, about 63 years old. They had:

20. Earl Richard fitz Alan. Born in 1346. Died on 21 Sep. 1397, about 51 years old. Married Elizabeth de Bohun, dau. of Earl William de Bohun (son of Earl Humphrey de Bohun VIII and Elizabeth Plantagenet) and Elizabeth de Badlesmere (dau. of Bartholomew de Badlesmere and Margaret de Clare). Elizabeth de Bohun d. on 3 April 1385. They had:

21. Elizabeth fitz Alan. Died on 8 July 1425. Married third Sir Robert Goushill, son of Nicholas Goushill, before 19 Aug. 1401. Sir Robert Goushill was of Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England. They had:

22. Joan Goushill. Died after 1460. Married Sir Thomas Stanley, son of Sir John Stanley (son of Sir John Stanley and Isabel Lathom) and Isabel Harrington (dau. of Sir Robert Harrington and Isabel Loring). Sir Thomas Stanley was b. before 1406, of Lancashire, England; d. on 11 Feb. 1458/9. They had:

23. Katherine Stanley. Married Sir John Savage, son of Sir John Savage (son of Sir John Savage and Maud de Swynnerton) and Eleanor Brereton. Sir John Savage was b. in 1431/2, of Clifton, Lancashire, England; d. on 22 Nov. 1495, 63 years old. They had:

24. Sir Christopher Savage. Of Aston Subedge, Gloucestershire, England. Died in 1513. Married Anne Stanley, dau. of Sir John Stanley (son of Sir Thomas Stanley and Joan Goushill) and Elizabeth Vernon. Anne Stanley was of Elford, Staffordshire, England. They had:

25. Christopher Savage. Of Aston Subedge, Gloucestershire, England. Died in 1546. Married Anne Lygon, dau. of Sir Richard Lygon (son of Sir Richard Lygon and Anne de Beauchamp) and Margaret Greville (dau. of William Greville and Margery Arrell). Anne Lygon was of Arle Court, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. They had:

26. Bridget Savage. Born about 1540, probably of Elmelie, Herefordshire, England. Died before May 1609. Married Anthony Bonner, son of Thomas Bonner and Joan Skinner, between 1557 and 1560. Anthony Bonner was of Campden, Gloucestershire, England; d. in 1580. They had:

27. Mary Bonner. Born about 1560, of Campden, Gloucestershire, England. Died on 5 April 1617 in Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, England, about 57 years old. Married William Young, son of John Young and Matilda Bill, before Nov. 1579. William Young was of Caynton, Gloucestershire, England; d. in Dec. 1583. They had:

28. Bridget Young. Born in 1580, of Caynton, Gloucestershire, England. Buried on 11 March 1629 in Fenny Compton, Warwickshire, England. Married Gov. George Wyllys, son of Richard Wyllys (son of Ambrosius Wyllys and Agneta Coles) and Hester Chambers (dau. of George Chambers and Judith Calcott), on 2 Nov. 1609 in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford, Warwickshire, England when about 29 years old. Gov. George Wyllys was of Fenny Compton; d. on 9 March 1645 in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. They had:

29. Amy Wyllys. Born in 1624 in Fenny Compton, Warwickshire, England. Died on 9 Jan. 1698/9 in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, about 75 years old. Married Col. John Pynchon, son of Col. William Pynchon and Agnes Andrews, on 6 Nov. 1645 in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut when about 21 years old. Col. John Pynchon was b. in 1626 in England; d. on 17 Jan. 1702/3 in Springfield, about 77 years old. They had:

30. Lt. Col. John Pynchon. Born on 15 Oct. 1647 in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. Baptized on 15 Oct. 1647 in Springfield when a newborn. Died on 25 April 1721 in Springfield, 73 years old. Married Margaret Hubbard, dau. of Rev. William Hubbard (son of William Hubbard and Judith —) and Margaret Rogers (dau. of Rev. Nathaniel Rogers and Margaret Crane), in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. Margaret Hubbard was b. about 1652 in Ipswich; d. on 11 Nov. 1716 in Springfield, about 64 years old. They had:

31. Margaret Pynchon. Born in 1679/80 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. Married Capt. Nathaniel Downing, son of John Downing (son of Emanuel Downing and Lucy Winthrop) and Mehitable Brabrooke (dau. of Richard Brabrooke and Joanna —), on 10 Aug. 1704 in Ipswich when 24 years old. Capt. Nathaniel Downing was b. about 1682 possibly in Ipswich; bap. on 17 Nov. 1689/90 in Old South Church, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; d. possibly in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. They had:

32. Jane Downing. Born on 19 July 1716 in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. Married Thomas Richardson of Leicester on 20 May 1739 (int.) in Leicester, Worcester County, Massachusetts when 22 years old. They had:

33. Hannah Richardson. Born on 10 April 1743 in Leicester, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Married Sgt. Samuel Metcalf, son of Ebenezer Metcalf (son of Eleazer Metcalf and Meletiah Fisher) and Margaret Rockwood (dau. of Nathaniel Rockwood and Joanna Ellis), on 11 March 1762 in Rutland, Worcester County, Massachusetts when 18 years old. Died on 17 August 1812 in Corinth, Orange County, Vermont, 69 years old. Sgt. Samuel Metcalf was b. 26 April 1739 in Rutland; a Minuteman who marched on the Lexington Alarm of 19 April 1775 and served in the Revolution in 1777 and 1778; d. 13 June 1785 in Oakham, Worcester County, Massachusetts, 46 years old. They had twelve children and were the great-great-great-great-grandparents of the author.