[This picture gallery was created on 23 September 2006 and updated on 4 July 2011]

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Reunion Portraits

The portraits below were taken on Saturday evening, 16 September 2006, at the Montgomery Blair Senior High School Class of 1951 Reunion, held at the Kenwood Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland. Please click on the thumbnail portrait to see the full size picture in JPEG format suitable for downloading and printing from any graphics program.

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Scenic pictures of Montgomery County taken at the previous reunion can be viewed here

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Howard and Barbara
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Old Blair          School Seal

By old Sligo's winding waters
Gentle hills of green
Shelter as their proudest treasure
Alma mater queen
We thy students will be loyal
For thy glory fight
Always keep thy name untarnished
And thy honor bright

As the years shall bring thee power
And thy of share fame
Countless students coming after
Shall exalt thy name
Speak thee fairly speak thee proudly
Shout it to the air
Hail to thee our alma mater
Hail Montgomery Blair

Ruth (Ragsdale) Wright and Rod Reinecke

Jane (Richmond) Lynn

Dick and Rochelle Stock

Bill and Myra (Godsey) Hays

Pat and Joe Powers

Joan (Keagle) Pim

Luann and Tom Harris

Leona and Ed Thren

Terry and Ann Andrews

Deanna and George Sterling

Frances (Bradshaw) Scott and Forrest "Woody" Pifer

Sheila (Bossert) Musser

Cornelia (Donaldson) Bradshaw, Joan (Daley) Ferris, Sheila (Bossert) Musser, Frances (Bradshaw) Scott, Myra (Godsey) Hays and Betty Lou (Clark) Day

Mary (Marsh) Griffin, Myra (Godsey) Hays, Joan (Keagle) Pim, Barbara Snowberger, Frances (Bradshaw) Scott and Betty Lou (Clark) Day

Helga and Oswaldo Castro

Fred and Linda Weeden

Francis and Janet Miller

Peter and Ruth Maserick

Judy (Thompson) and Bob Amman

Howard Metcalfe and Barbara Snowberger

Terry and Ann Andrews, Deanna Sterling and Frank Rausch


Singing the Alma Mater

Servers Clayton, Jose Pena, Maria and C. Jump

Server C. Jump, Barbara Snowberger and server Betty